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        WELCOME TO


        The Unique Ten Step Guide to Successful Power of Attorney and Estate Record Keeping


        What抯 New?

        FINAL EDITION of The Quarterly Ledger !

        New Book by co-author Douglas Alderson

        揊rom Here to Eternity??Power of Attorney and Record Keeping video presentation now available

        Protect Yourself and Those You re About!

        Learn Best Practices for POA and Estate Record Keeping!

        Step-by-step Guide Helps You Fulfill Legal Obligations To Keep Financial Records In Order!

        Welcome to Let the Records Show?/I>s Web site.  Our goal is to provide you with useful information about our book and services that we hope makes it easier for you to fulfill your role as either an Attorney under a Power of Attorney or as an Estate Trustee.

        Acting as an Attorney or as an Estate Trustee rries a great deal of financial and legal responsibility. But in Let the Records Show, authors Linda A. Alderson and Douglas Alan Alderson have distilled the information and have provided a step-by-step guide to keeping financial and property affairs in order.

        Let the Records Show offers a ten-step guide for effectively handling record-keeping obligations, and it demystifies and simplifies the terminology and related work processes associated with creating a complete and proper information trail to satisfy legal interests. It also provides:

        • Answers to questions to consider before acting as an attorney
        • An overview of accounting and legal terms presented in plain English
        • Tips on the fundamentals of being an Attorney or Estate Trustee
        • Guidance on inventory preparation
        • Comparison between the roles of attorney and estate trustee
        • A review of common problems and how to fix them
        • Information on estate litigation basics
        • Charts, templates, and checklists to help you stay organized

        Filled with practil guidance on how to maintain financial records to meet the legal requirements, Let the Records Show helps to simplify the roles of Attorney and Estate Trustee.

        All this and much more are just a click away.

        Available from:

        www.amazon.   www.amazon.com   www.chapters.indigo.   www.barnsandnoble.com   www.iUniverse.com

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        © 2011 - 2019, Douglas Alderson and Linda Alderson.  All rights reserved. Site last revised 8.vi.19

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